Accuracy is the name of our game!

Our Services 

We deliver the highest quality of service to our clients, our most important asset. We always strive to provide our clients with the most accurate output, excellent customer service and quickest turnaround times.


  • Transcription of audio/video files
  • Copy typing


    We will take your audio or video recording/s and transcribe & transform it into a Word or PDF document for you, using our standard format. 

    We can transcribe the following but are not limited to:

    • Interviews
    • Focus groups
    • Conferences / Workshops
    • Lectures
    • Speeches
    • Telephone interviews / conversations
    • Business meetings
    • Court hearings
    • Dictations
    • Investigations
    • Disciplinary hearings
    • Commercials / Adverts

    We can transcribe your recording to text, in either clean verbatim or full verbatim. All our work is quality checked before being delivered to our clients.

    Clean Verbatim means:

    We type what is said but we exclude stutters and stammers, false starts, repetition of words such as: you know, okay, all right, etc, unless these words add value to the context. We will not omit these filler words, should it change the meaning of the sentence. 

    We also do not start sentences with conjunctions such as: and, so, because etc.  as long as the meaning of the sentence is not changed when omitted. Non-standard English words such as: ain't, gonna, 'cause etc, are changed to: are not, going to, because. We keep the transcription nice and clean, easy to read but without changing the context and meaning of what is being said. 

    Full Verbatim means:

    We type exactly what is said including all stutters, stammers, false starts, repetition words. Words are typed exactly as heard and verbal sounds such as: cough, laugh, sigh, are included. Background noises are not included. 

    Should you require examples of the two different types of formats, please let us know.


    We will retype your document as per your requirements for copy typing.